Avoiding him now is just going to make it worse. Everyone is in the living room, worrying about Louie and waiting for him to hopefully return home as they lament on their failure of finding him. ", Webby steps forward, "If you need any help, we're here for you. Louie felt the silence around him, and looked at his mom next to him, Im sorry Mom, I wish things couldve gone differently., Della looks at him with a sad smile, "It's not your fault, Louie. Maybe?Also I should probs say the main villain is from the Duck Avenger comics, haha. Having seen what his actions, schemes, behavior, resentment, and anger have led to, Louie decides to set things right and turn a new chapter in his life. It may have been decades since her brother's first breakdown, but for Della, it feels like only yesterday. !, They mustve gotten separated too. Donald speaks, Lets just get through and well find you guys and them!. Meet Elanor or Ella if you will. The launch of the Spear of Selene, Donald leaving, the family being torn apart, and Scrooge's descent into isol. I really destroyed it, which I regret now. My name is Izzy, and I'm Donald Duck's niece. However, impressed by Louie's ability to see the angles nobody else can, the leader proposes a job for him while promising him a better life where he can make more money than he can imagine. Louie's eyes widen in shock as he looks back and forth between his brother and his mom. ,,They hate you, you know, but II love you as my own son.". I appreciate that. He is working with Magica though!I wonder what he needed the gem forWould you guys like to see what Donald, Huey, Scrooge, and Webby were doing on this adventure? An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works I always screw things up., No you dont! Dewey shouts as he looks at Louie, his expression softening. You should read part 1 if you want insight on what's happening- or you could be like the rest of the Duck Family and go into this blind with no clue what Louie got himself into. As Louie lay there in the darkness, he couldn't help but think about the strange man in the orb and the mysterious room they had discovered. So, Gyro suggests connecting Louie's mind with someone else's in order to communicate with him through thoughts using some sort of mind-reading machine. ,,Here you go!" With that the kids go and get their things packed, meeting back up with Huey and Donald. Hell be fine. Your best was leaving us to fend for ourselves! Im tired of being left in the dark. Then, the conversation is interrupted by the glowing presence of the Hobo King and so on. Here, Dewey strings across and grabs Louie, holdings him against his side, I got you. He nods, and Louie nods back, but closes his eyes as Dewey swings them both to the other side. He shouldn't have kept that stupid doll A mysterious temple curses Louie, and the boy is changed back into a duckling. Soon, the 2 begin to argue about their past situation up to a point where Della calls him a child, to which Louie replies that she is a beast ruining his life while stating that he will never be anything like her and would prefer to die instead or worse, coldly wishing he never had or knew his mother and that he would rather spend the rest of his life living alone and not knowing her than ever having known her at all. After some thought, Louie accepts. If you want to stay with me, if you don't, it's hard, but we could rule the world together!". Youre going to give up? 8. ", realizing that Louie has run away; much to her shock. #story Louie got up! Louie also couldn't shake the feeling of unease that he had experienced throughout their entire investigation. ,,Don't try to interrupt me, old man!" Dewey grabs Louies hand as they follow behind Della. he says ,,You could have pulled me out of this, butyou didn't.". Scrooge and Donald are seen approaching Della's door. She doesn't have the short, spunky crop of a young woman who flies away, nor does she have the long, ragged locks grown from ten years of desperation and isolation. When they'd assembled in the parlor, Scrooge settled down on the sofa, Dewey nestled in his lap. Weight of it All Dewey replies back: "It was for your own good! Probably before, during, or after the "GlomTales!" Letting Go #problems After Louie invites Dewey to collaborate on his next scheme at Glamours latest party, they finally have a heart-to-heart, but not everything is what it seems. They soon end up at a river which held the temple. I had to help! Webby?! He was closest to me. In the meantime, Louie's family scours the city for him but to no avail. Louie always had inner demons, but when they start to get worse, Louie questions not only his bad side but his good side. He screamed. Everybody acted like they did before. You forced Uncle Donald to become a parent! Race-cars, lasers, aeroplanes it's a duck-blur! #scrooge A reply which sends Della to a fury where she smashes the souvenir and takes Louie's cellphone and smashes it as well as she demands that her son start acting like an 11 year old boy now, which sends Louie running away in tears. Why is it our business? Huey finally asked, quietly.Louie pressed his face into Uncle Donalds side.Because they were your mother's.Deweys throat closed.Uncle Donald hadnt talked about their mom in years. Loosing My Mind, IM SO SORRY FOR CONSTANTLY MAKING DEWEY SUFFER, (See the end of the chapter for more notes.). Webby!" Before Della was here, he could do basically anything he wanted. Louie has been shown to be untrusting to others and suspicious of Dellas first appearance, and it would be really interesting to see how he would deal with Della replacing Donald. I felt that Henry was giving me some of his powers. But what if he cant? I dont care what anyone, including mom, thinks about you, because youre my baby brother, and you mean the world to me. "It was a gemstone," Della answers, still eyeing Louie suspiciously. Louie Duck and the Emotional Rollercoaster! Ever since the "Timephoon!" Investigation God, I really messed it up! Why doesnt anyone trust me?, Dewey, Louie looks at his older brother, it wasnt that I didnt trust you. Louie also states that she can ground him for as long as she wants since he doesn't mind, just as long as it's not forever and that he learns his lesson and from his mistakes. Nevertheless, there will be no rebels in this family!" I promise I dont have it. He looks around, Is it really that far fetched that someone else couldve done this adventure?, Nobody else knows about it! Della argues, and if they do, theyd be too scared to come. Its dark when they enter, the only light coming from the lanterns held by Huey and Donald. I think I need a nap., No worries. Webby says, We can talk about it with the other boys when Dewey calms down. His sister nods at him, Deal?. Della replies back again: "Don't overdo it, Louie! ,,And I can't charm here?" Besides, I wouldn't so much as say: "kill you" as you put it. I need to find myself, and I cant do that with you guys., Fine! Dewey snaps, Go find yourself. Della and Scrooge are quick to move in, whereas Donald helps all four kids across and inside. #dewey ,,Don'tdon't talk to me like that" I'm growling. Louie doesnt understand why hes not happy. Love at first sight would change the interactions around, wouldnt it? Please consider turning it on! #heart Did he really think it didn't affect me? 7. (Completed) ", ,,What's going to stop me?! Happy Birthday Llewllyn Duck! User blog:Olivier Baghdadi/Captain Spearhook, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Why did he runaway? I asked, without understanding the question. At that pointI started to hesitate. i literally get bored and write fanfic. Louie still wasnt feeling up to it, but he listened solemnly to Huey and Webbys discussion on the temple and what theyd have to do. When all hope seems lost, Louie finally manages to use his angle-reading ability for a good cause and save everyone from danger in the end. Your best?! Louie no odiaba a Della, pero tena problemas para verla como a una madre, especialmente porque l no quera renunciar a su figura paterna.Basado en un headcanon de Dany Hndez. Donald's anger issues stem from a fear that the world is out to get him and that no one understands him, quite literally. ,,Because I am a monster!" My eyes started to tear. Louie stopped looking at all the angles, so he hadn't been able to see any of this coming. Louie starts thinking about himself. ,,Can I come in?" At that time Louie walked out the door, and Webby followed him, having no choice. I loved that feeling and I loved Henry more than anyone else at that time. This allows Della to reveal that she got Louie a new phone during their search for him in the city and had brought many souvenirs from their last adventure should one of them ever break in order to make it up to him somehow for a start. Scrooge, Webby, and Huey make their way out the exit. Is everyone else okay? Ella was found by Donald passed out ne After a particularly boring day at the Bin, Scrooge finds himself looking after three pre-teen boys who happen to be his nephews. Della points out: "With such an attitude, I'm beginning to appreciate your Uncle Donald for not having named you "Rebel" as intended before! Funeral Crasher Louie moaned. Huey pulls out his notebook and starts jotting down some notes, According to my research, the Temple of Tuitia was an ancient Mayan temple that was dedicated to the god of time. I have Webbys grappling hook in my bag. Dewey says, taking his backpack off to fish it out. Oh. Louie responds, Im still really sorry. He rubs the back of his neck. Thank you so much! And all because you had to listen to Mrs. Beakley's advice about tough love, which, by the way, is not working and which you are taking a bit too seriously and which is proof that you're not really a mom. I was only trying to protect you guys until the time would come when the whole truth would finally come out, one way or another!" who can go missing without anyone noticing? Once they're on the other side, Dewey sets Louie down and turns to Della, You cant keep pushing him like that. Guilt-ridden and with tears in her eyes, Della comes over to apologize sincerely to Louie for everything she has said, done, and put him through and promises to make it up to him somehow. And now youre leaving! Webby took advantage of the moment and ran up to Louie. Theory 4: Possibly during the events similar to "GlomTales! Louie looks down at the bubbling lava, feeling the heat on his feathers. NOBODY HAS PERMISSION TO REPOST NOR DOWNLOAD MY FANFICS!! They were careful to sneak back in, and everyone was quick to go to bed, feeling the same exhaustion. He was proud of what he could do, how he could spin the smallest of thoughts into sentences. It's a difficult time for him, and then someone bad comes along God, why now? So this is basically the moonvasion, but my take on it. Then, the gang proceed to capture them, rob them, and later, decide to hold them for ransom when the leader realizes that one of his latest victims is none other than Scrooge McDuck. 4. What if clan Glomgold took advantage of this emotional vulnerability? If Louie was honest, he envied how close his brothers were to actual superheroes. As it turned out, Louie loved the flavor of sea-salt ice cream. So mad that his insanity gets the best of the DT-87 in the end. Dewey and Webby reveal that as the years passed, Louie grew more resentful of his family; especially his mother since the night she grounded him up to a point where he filled his mind with hatred and anger and his heart with darkness and started a rebellion against his own family which led to the downfall of McDuck Manor and Enterprises and Louie's rise to tyranny and power over Duckburg as president/mayor/owner. Why did Scrooge lock me in here? !, I dont hate you guys! Della shouts back, I was doing my best!, Dewey steps forward, getting closer to Della. In an alternate reality where his brothers cross the line, Huey is fed up and reveals a shocking secret to his mother and uncles. S (11-26-2020) (Warning: This story is mostly on my OC's family more than the Dekuverse, sorry) The Gods are what watch the people from many Universes and protect them all Marina Duck is many things. Louie feels lonely. ,,Come here fast!". Louie conjured up a huge plant that beat us all except Louie and Webby. While future Louie has Dewey, Webby, and their forces put to work with the others including their own family, he decides to keep his past young self with him until such time when the latter learns that money and power is the true key to success in the future, therefore, resign to his former vision. #family And I still haven't forgotten that day either. Thanks, Lou. who gets stuck with all the bad luck? ", No! Della shouts, pulling her hands to her face, I dont know! She starts to sob, This was meant to be special. Initially shocked and disappointed, Della angrily reprimands him, telling him that he is in so much trouble when they get back home but "Rebel" takes no offense to her words as he disses her. . Uncle Donald? Dewey Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck (Disney), Della Duck & Donald Duck & Scrooge McDuck, Other Ducktales 2017 Characters (mentioned), Episode: s03e18 The Fight for Castle McDuck! A rol After moving to DuckBurg, you as a kid help your family earn extra money by playing music on the sidewalk, until one day, when four other kids come along, and your life IM ACTIVE AGAIN!! The triplets were soon in their triplet bunk bed, and Louie felt the exhaustion he felt go away suddenly as he stared up at the bed above him. (Disney: DuckTales 2017), Pre-Episode: s03e01 Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks! Masked Stranger Im sorry., Dewey lets out a frustrated sigh, Why not? Though it seems Louie has been keeping secret the real reason he's been working non-stop. Work Search: More like "shock you", if you will, alright?" What if that scene in GlomTales where the villains break into Scrooge's mansion went a little differently? Why do you hate us so much? But ove Louie Duck, or as he is now called, Louis O'gilt is a runaway and a heister. Oh, God! Louie said surprised. I just wanted the Duck Avenger for myself, I was being selfish. He goes to take a seat next to his brother, We all trust you, I promise. As a result, everyone he knew has been imprisoned and enslaved along with the other citizens while Huey has been appointed as his reluctant and constantly abused servant/valet/secretary/assistant and Dewey and Webby were the lucky ones to escape though. Having heard Louie's scream and call for help, the family rush over to his room but arrive too late to save him once the portal closes, leaving them completely devastated; especially, Della. Maybe then, you'd still be in one piece and I'd probably be a better guy than I am today. The atmosphere in the plane is heavy, with everyone lost in their own thoughts. Interfere with what? 27 Apr 2023 14:17:32 Donald found himself at odds without the kids around 24/7, so he decides to answer a call from SHUSH to come back online. left kudos on this work! Soon they move forward more, where the sound of rumbling is heard above them. When Huey was supposed to answer Louie's moaning, suddenly, Della came in. Stories of the aftermath of Della coming back to their lives are also good too. That they could have taken the gemstone and left? ,,Oh! Della tries to stop him until she realizes she is stepping on the fragments of the things she broke and tries to piece them together again but it's too late and then she later kneels against Louie's bed and begins to cry as well, making her realize that what she had done was wrong as she fills herself with guilt. #sad These events in this theory later lead to the story found on this blog for more info, development, and details: User blog:Olivier Baghdadi/Captain Spearhook. When Della further points out that as long as he has something to keep him entertained to help him pass the time during his grounding as well, Louie reminds her that he doesn't have a phone anymore and never got his Hobo souvenir due to their last argument. They start to move forward, with Louie following closely behind. Louie looks around the room and notices that its relatively empty. Read to find out! Im scared. He admits. as well as God, why now? What if Louie was more emotionally affected by his family going on an adventure and leaving him behind? Louie Duck (Disney)/Original Male Character (s) Louie Duck/Ty Cloudkicker (Original Male Character) Louie Duck (Disney) Original Male Character (s) Ty Cloudkicker (Original Male Character) Wordcount: 100-500 Emotional Hurt/Comfort Hurt/Comfort Dreams and Nightmares Sleepy Cuddles Cuddling & Snuggling Louie Duck Needs a Hug (Disney) to which Della replies back: "Keep up such miserable behavior like this, young man and I'll see it to it personally that you are severely punished afterwards!" By voice, I think it was Scrooge. ", ,,I don't believe you!" It can't be the real Louie, can it, please don't. Having had enough, Della says her last words in anger: "Whether you like it or not, you are a part of this family and until you start acting like it, you can just get used to staying here every day and night for the rest of your life! Theres a dead silence in the room, as the three stand there taking in what Della said. Louie feels someone pull on his sleeve, taking him away from the collapsing rocks. "Don't worry, Gran. The walk back to the plane is quiet, with Dewey and Donald way ahead of them, Della was lagging behind with Louie. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Suddenly, realizing how hard she was on her own child, Della puts her hand on her forehead and covers her eyes as she begins to cry for all the horrible things she had said earlier. The door opened. Familiar Bog If he knew there was something wrong with me, he could have done more. But were in a dangerous situation right now, and we need him to be brave and push through it. Della responds. When the manor is attacked in "GlomTales" with Louie all by himself inside, do we really think he would've just run directly towards Clan Glomgold? Uncle Donald! Louie replies back: "Oh, like as if programming a robot to kill me for scheming wasn't severe enough." But then, a family argument ensues between the group, which somehow Louie eavesdrops on and eventually leads to each one apologizing to one another including Della who seeks to apologize to Louie for everything later on as she states that in some way, he was right about certain things earlier. Noticing Louie isn't present, Della goes over to his room to find him sitting on his bed, full of guilt and shame; thinking he is still grounded. In the future, resembling what appears to be 30 years from now, Louie finds himself pursued by the warriors until one of them finally catches him single-handedly and reveals to be Webby from the future, having grown into a beautiful yet rebellious woman. ,,OhI'm afraid to lose you" he said. bascially just the title. 12. Who does he think I am? Della Duck (Disney) Donald Duck (Disney) Scrooge McDuck The woman Della sees staring back at her looks more like Della than she could have imagined. I love you a lot., I love you too, Louie replies, Im here for you, no matter what., Dewey smiles and gives Louie a pat on the back. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I don't think so. Doesnt being rich solve everything? I dont get it, Launchpad said, If everyone hates her so much, why is she coming?Because she's fancy, and Uncle Scrooge likes her, Dewey spat, kicking at the ground. ,,There's more room here than in your old room and your brothers don't come in every five minutes.". Try as much as I could to apologize and make-up for everything, you just wouldn't give me a chance. Louie didn't say anything, face caught between sadness and happiness as he devoured his oddly tasty treat. Well, here's a thought. Otherwise, there's no telling what would've become of you later on! The kids, Donald, and Della don't take so well to the wealthy stranger who's just blown into town and snatched up Scrooge's attention. 7-months after the Kovax debacle, Louie and his gang are after their next big score. Even if he was possessed, somewhere inside him, our Louie was still sitting, we had to see him quickly before something bad happened. 9 pages 7 weeks ago Sparkles I sat bored in my new room. Or better yet, isn't that what you heard Scrooge say on our first day at McDuck Manor, Dewey? "What do you mean you're leaving? tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. But what if Louie had a crush on him? She isn't related (blood wise) to the family but she is a big part of it. Now, he had to worry about what he could and could not do. The Spectral Scopes of Bjrn Gyrfalconsson! But what'll happen if he starts to love another person? He wants to be brave and adventurous like his brothers and mom, but he also doesnt want to put himself in danger. Donalds nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie were left in His care, Series of One shot story's of life on the houseboat or Donald just being a dad dewey donaldduck daddonald +4 more # 12 Mentally broken by _the_evil_sister_ 14.5K 301 12 Louie feels lonely. Louie gets a bit of bad news, then argues with Della, but his brothers are there to help!-TW: slight transphobia, abusive mother son relationship (I think? Adventure and mischief abound, as well as genuine threats at home as they try and get to the bottom of his new, startling behavior in a (much revised) reboot adaptation of the '87 episode, Till Nephews Do Us Part! Youre a Duck!, Louie shakes his head, I cant- I cant do it.. Huey and Dewey followed this rule for the most part (they had their slip ups, but that was uncommon), but Louie on the other hand Louie had thought that this was perfect- the first adventure where he and his siblings can just sit back and do nothing while the adults handled everything. 6. "All you guys and anyone else ever saw me as was trouble, no good, the "evil" triplet! I know I was going to take over the world with Louie's help, but I didn't expect him to do it alone! They had come too far to turn back, and the mystery of the Duck Avenger was too important to ignore. #launchpad Ducktales 17Della & TripletsAngst:(Comfort - in the fact you know how it ends)Birthday themedOne shotSlightly OOC Della(I tried to stay on brand. episode, I've been having manytheories about the results of the relationship between Della and Louie after Louie was harshly grounded, some which are good and others bad. Somehow, reminders keep turning up. playground management group,
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